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Clean Home Entry Protocol

It's important to protect the ones you love that may be at risk. I haven't seen anyone talk about how to enter your home after being in public.  Remember to self quarantine for the next couple of weeks if you can. But if you can't, try doing this at home.


1) Have hand sanitizer/cloths in your car and use them as soon as you open the door, before you get into the car. Then wipe down the door handle, your purse/wallet, phone and keys.  Try to minimize touching your phone while out and about

2)  When you get home, only enter your home, from public, through one door and create a cleaning station either outside or directly inside this door.

3) Have either hand sanitizer >70% alcohol or wipes in your station.  If you can't find these you can create some out of 70% rubbing alcohol and aloe gel. Clean your hands here and clean your keys, phone and purse/wallet again. Take your shoes off here.

4) If you can't make sanitizer then you can have a household glass & surface cleaner and paper towels. Spritz a paper towel with cleanser to open door handles and get you to the sink. Turn on the sink hot water with paper towel. Don't touch anything you don't need to touch on the way to the sink.

5) Have pump soap at this sink that is dedicated to ONLY people who leave the house and don't have your at risk loved one use this soap or sink if possible.

6) Clean your hands for 30 seconds, scrubbing around each finger, under nails, and let the water drip off your finger tips.  Dry with a paper towel and throw it away.  Do not share cloth hand towels at this station.

7) After your hands are dry.  Take a clean paper towel and surface cleaner or Lysol and clean all the door knobs, light switches, faucet and anything you touched between the car and the sink.  

8) Change your clothes before sitting down.

I know this may seem extreme but don't forget to clean things like your purse, keys and phone.  If you pick up your phone while you're out, then come home and clean your hands and then pick up your phone when you're home then you have re-contaminated your hands.

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