KOA Middleborough, MA

Week 20-Camping, KOA Middleborough, MA

This past week I went camping with my sister and her friends at the Boston/Cape Cod KOA. I have never been to a KOA before and I have to say it's a great experience. They have so many great activities and and amenities, including showers and flush toilets-ooo lala. Talk about glamping.

My sister had the entire set up including her new tear drop camper, glamping tent for me, and screened in canopy to keep the bugs away. It was so nice to have someone else in charge of bringing the majority of the "stuff." She rents out her camper on Outdoorsy.com and it's booked most of the summer. It is so cute and comfortable. The kitchen is in the back and so cute! I got to sleep in the glamping tent.

I don't have children but there were scores of them and they were having a blast riding bikes, jumping on the jump pillow and swimming in the pool. My sister and I are kids at heart and also had a blast in the pool! We watched The Princess Bride while sitting by the fire during their movie night.

It was supposed to rain the entire weekend so I was pretty bummed last week getting ready for our trip. But even though there were plenty of storms that pass through, they would break apart and miss the camp almost entirely. Total we had a few sprinkles!

One of my favorite things about camping is the fire. It is so mesmerizing and calming for me. I also love tending fire as it helps me to be centered and in the present moment. I feel camping does that in general and is one of the reasons I recommend it for anyone. When you are camping you have to do everything differently than you do at home; it could be washing dishes, eating, sitting together or taking a walk somewhere new. It helps to grow new neuronal pathways in the brain and helps folks become more present, which decreases anxiety.

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