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Medicinal Herb Walk

This summer I have decided to share some wonderful herbs with you that I find on my walks, hikes and experiences. Medicinal herbs are ALL AROUND us. Most of them you would consider a weed!

when I walk around my neighborhood there is a stretch of road where there are at least 6 different medicinal herbs along the road that can help as many different organ systems.

I will try to post one a week plus check stay tuned for videos on how to make your own herbal medicines. You will be able to find some of these in your own back yard.

You can also purchase fair trade, sustainably harvested, organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs if you are looking to make a specific medicine like an herbal salve and you need more ingredients for a combination product.

Remember the cardinal rule of wildcrafting your own herbs. do not take more than 30% of the herbs in a given area. If you are harvesting roots then do not take more than 10%. Also there may be restrictions in certain wildlife refuges, parks and sanctuaries so know before you go. Lastly some herbs themselves, like ginseng are protected and can only be harvested with a license from the state.

Do not ingest anything that you are not 100% certain of from the wild. There are many herbs and berries that look similar. Mushrooms can be especially dangerous.

This is not health advice so please consult with your doctor or Naturopathic Doctor before adding anything to your herbal regimen as some plants can interact with medicines and are not safe for pregnancy or breast feeding.

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