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New Year! New You!

Everyone talks about New Year's resolutions, how much weight they want to lose, money they want to make, miles they want to run etc. But now that we have hit the middle of the month, most of those resolutions have already become a shadow of a memory.  But it's not too late to make changes.  Everyday is a new day with a chance to start again. Here are some things to consider implementing to increase your health!

One Healthy Meal:  I know it is difficult to to eat healthy all the time so why not start the day off right.  Breakfast can be yummy, quick and healthy. Get rid of your General Mills "Round Up" cereal and wheat products and add one of the recipes below and start the day off right!

10,000 Steps: walk your way to a healthier you!  You can get a pedometer or a fitbit to track your steps throughout the day.  The goal should be 10,000.  If you're a little low during the winter then maybe stop at the mall or large chain store and take a couple of laps on your way home.  Just put on some ankle weights to help prevent osteoporosis.  Don't forget that there are some beautiful winter hiking spots too.

Better Sleep: make a deal with yourself to get to be before 11pm.  Make sure the room is pitch black and that there are no wifi devices active in your room.  Your body heals and detoxes during deep sleep so give yourself the best gift!

Deep Breathing:  I know this sounds very simplistic but stress is one of the leading killers in developed countries.  Breathing 5 seconds in and out deeply into the abdomen can bring the body from the "Fight or Flight" into "Rest and Digest."  Try to do this upon waking and when going to bed for 5 mins each time and you will see a huge drop in your stress levels

Road To Health: Sign up with Dr. Sparks to help turn your tired life into an inspired life!

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