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Salsa Salad

This is on of my favorite salads/appetizers. You can make everything from scratch if you’re so inclined or keep organic canned versions in your pantry for a quick version for late night snacks or unexpected guests. I also make this the same week as my other favorite (Quinoa, Sweet potato and black bean salad) as they both use black beans and cilantro. This way I don’t waste any ingredients.

It's a healthy idea for holiday pot lucks and it's VEGAN!

1 can organic black beans

1 can organic corn

1 jar favorite chunky salsa (you can also use canned salsa if you want to keep it in stock)

Chopped cilantro**

Salt/pepper to taste

Organic tortilla chips

**I love cilantro and it’s ability to pull heavy metals from the gut and is touted as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. I use a ton of it. If you are someone who thinks it tastes like soap. You can substitute parsley.

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