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Versatile Zucchini Cakes

I LOVE zucchini cakes because they are yummy, easy to make and easy to modify. Plus they are a welcomed addition to the abundant zucchini season when you have no idea what to do with all you have harvested. These cakes are naturally vegetarian but they can be made to be vegan, gluten free and/or dairy free!


  • 3 cups of shredded zucchini (drain for 1 hour in a colander you can sprinkle a 1/2 tsp salt to help the water come out. Then squeeze with paper towel to get the rest of the water out)

  • 1 cup bread crumbs (you can try gluten free)

  • 1 egg (elude for vegan)

  • 3 thinly sliced scallions (green part only)

  • 1/4 diced bell pepper

  • 1 tsp Old Bay seasoning

  • dash or parsley, basil or cilantro if you like herbs

  • 1 tsp mustard

  • 1 tbls mayonnaise, greek yogurt or veganaise add more if not using egg

  • 2 tbls olive oil, avocado oil or grass-fed butter to fry


  • Mix everything in a bowl, except oil

  • Pack the patties tightly about the size of a crab cake

  • Heat oil in skillet

  • Add the patties and cook at least 3 mins on medium heat, turning over once.

  • Make sure both sides are slightly browned

  • Drain on paper towel

You can also bake, smaller sized patties, on cookie sheet at 450 for 10-15 mins.

You can create your own dipping sauce or use something you already have in your fridge like a salad dressing. Years ago a friend of mine had a fondu dinner party and put out every condiment in her fridge and items from the cabinet. She gave use each a small bowl and told us to create a dipping sauce. Then we all tried the sauces and voted on our favorite. It was such a simple thing but so much fun!

I like to mix mayo, catsup and a dash of mustard or greek yogurt and dill. Have fun with it.

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