Water Wizz, Wareham, MA

Week 23, Water Wizz, Wareham, MA

Wizz, Wizz, Water Wizz, Water Wizzing! I am so lucky to have 2 awesome siblings that still love to have fun! We had sibling fun day at the water park.

Yes I know we are "grown ups," but we're still kids at heart and love to have fun. We love water parks the most and amusement parks and county fairs are a close second. We also love card games, board games and whirlpools!

Typically we go to Water Country but we didn't want to drive to New Hampshire. So we took the 30 mins drive to the Cape. We had an early breakfast and were on our way. We arrived on a perfect 75 degree day.

We even got a cabana for out stuff. With our sunscreen on we made our way to the Lazy Man River, got two feet in, and screamed!!! I was freezing. We were contemplating just calling it a day while kids were running by us into the FRIDGID water.

But we sucked it up , submerged and jumped on our tubes. I'm not sure if any of you have a brother but if you do, don't bring them to a water park. They tend to LOVE to push you under the water falls in the lazy man river.

After getting adjusted to the temp, we got tubes and tried the slides. If you rent them you can cut the line! We had such a great time! I liked the red tube slide the best. MY brother and I raced down the yellow and blue mat slide. It was such a crazy ride that slams you into the water at the end, legs flying everywhere.

We stayed until closing, cold, tired (from walking up 1000's of stairs) and happy as clams!

I totally recommend sibling fun day. But to be honest I would choose Water Country next time.

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