Week 10-Arnold Arboretum-Boston MA

This weekend has been bittersweet for me, for the past 5 years, since my mother passed. She was my best friend. When I lived in LA she would come out to visit for Mother's Day Weekend and we would either take a trip to Desert Hot Springs to soak, or stay in the city and explore the sights. Sometimes my sister would join us and we would have a ladies weekend.

I miss those weekends with my mom.

I remember taking mom to the Arboretum and Descanso Gardens because she loved gardening so much. She especially loved LILACS!

That's why I picked this experience, to honor my mom. This Arboretum is a great find for anyone in the Boston area. It has many great paths and trails and lots of indigenous fauna. We saw people hiking, running, riding bikes and walking dogs.

My cousin Paula and I went to see the lilacs as they are in bloom now. This Arboretum has 100 lilac bushes and typically they have a big lilac festival in May.

Paula and I saw plenty of blooming trees and flowers as well, Reb Bud, Dogwood, trillium, columbine etc. We trekked into the city and then made it back to the burbs and had lunch. Honestly being in the city reminded me of how happy I am that I made the choice to live in the woods. My stress and anxiety go up when inundated with so many cars and people. I like a higher TREE to PERSON ratio!

Even Baby Yoda liked the bleeding hearts, can you find him?

Happy Mother's Day to all those celebrating this weekend. My heart goes out to those who find this weekend to be difficult, like me. Love and miss you momma.

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