Week 11-Old Sturbridge Village Evenings, Sturbridge, MA

So yes I did go to Old Sturbridge Village a few weeks ago for the first time but I loved it so much that when I saw this event on the calendar I had to go!

I invited my high school friend Alexandra. We went to an arts boarding school called Walnut Hill School for the Arts. She was the Senior Class President, while I was the Student Body President, our senior year. Some powerhouse ladies right? We both majored in Theater Design and Production. We reconnected a couple of years ago, when I came back to New England and it has been great catching up with her! It feels like no time has gone by and decades have gone by at the same time.

She loves Old Sturbridge Village too so she jumped on the invite. We got there promptly at 6pm and found our way to a bench near the waterfall to have our picnic dinner. I made a charcuterie plate and she brought homemade Thai noodle salad, YUM! We also had organic strawberries and Element Truffles turmeric dark chocolate for dessert. A great ending to a meal.

We talked for so long that we almost missed the live 19th century music on the green. We honestly thought we had been locked in at one point when we were there past the 8pm closing time. We had so much to catch up on that time just flew.

It was the perfect 72 degree clear evening. OSV offered horse drawn carriage rides, music on the green, demonstrations and more, that I don't remember because we were too busy talking. lol

It was a great night with a great friend! Did you find Baby Yoda? He loves music.

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