Week 13-Gillette Castle State Park-East Haddam, CT

I have to say that Connecticut has some great state parks. My cousin Paula and I went to Kent Falls 6 weeks ago and now I got to check out Gillette Castle.

I didn't get to tour the inside as, silly me, it's open for tours Memorial Day to Labor Day. I missed it by a few days. But just touring the outside was fascinating. It overlooks the Connecticut River and historic ferry.

It was Brought to life by William Gillette who was a famous actor in around the turn of the last century. His most notable role was the original Sherlock Holmes I had 25 men working on it year round for 5 years to build it. Then had lots of local craftsmen then create the finishing touches for the interior.

I recently built a small stone wall for my place so I can't IMAGINE what it was like to build a stone castle. He wanted it to be like a Medieval Castle. He also had a fascination with trains and has miniature tracks around the property and design idea inspired by them.

Not only is it a great sight to see it is also a great park with hiking trails and picnic and BBQ areas. They have a visitor center and cafe that are open during summer as well.

All in all it was a nice afternoon hike and an interesting find!

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