Week 14-Rockport, MA

This experience was made extra special by the fact that my friend, Dr. Jessica Cooper, met up with me for the day. It was a good midway point for us and it had been way too long, almost 2 years, since we last saw each other. She is one of the AMAZING friends that I made in Naturopathic Medical School. That education was like a bootcamp for my brain so it was so easy to bond to friends going through the same torture. I think we became best friends because we're both silly and like to laugh.

We started the day at the Lobster Pool Restaurant to get their lobster roll, voted best in Rockport. We sat outside an absorbed the great view and sun and enjoyed our lunches and the time to catch up.

After lunch we made our way over to the Rockport Paper House. You really need to check this place out. It is a house that is completely covered in paper! The framing and roof are wood but everything else is paper! The piano is covered in paper but the rest of the furniture is actually built out of rolled newspaper from the 1920's. Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer, began building his Rockport summer home out of paper as a hobby. That was in 1922.

After that amazing tour we headed to the downtown area and Front Beach. It was a 90 degree day so the parking was little to none, but the parking angels gave us the perfect spot! We walked around the shops and helped small local businesses with a few fun finds, like books, stickers, gem stones and a dress. We had the BEST lavender lemonade and yummy gelato.

We walked down to the water and got our feet wet. Yes the New England sea water is still FREEZING! But our feet adjusted and it was nice to cool off after a hot day of walking around in the sun.

Had this been 4 years ago, I would not have been able to walk around in the heat or the sun due to chronic hives covering most of my body for 2 years. Thanks to Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, I was able to heal, and I am so grateful to be able to enjoy days like these again.

Overall I liked Rockport and the surrounding area but since I grew up on the South Shore of Mass I don't feel the need to brave the 2 hours drive to head to the North Shore again. We have plenty of great seaside towns down here, without having to trek through Boston.

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