Week 3:  Tucker Preserve- Hanover, MA

So this week, the unexpected happened. I couldn't get to the place I wanted to go due to a road closure. I was bummed to say the least. I mean I am only 3 weeks into this thing and already things are going wrong.

But then I took a deep breath, pulled over and changed the navigation. Luckily so many people sent me great ideas so I was able to make a last minute change.

I ended up at a wonderful park that I had never even heard about previously and it's only 15 mins from where I grew up.

Tucker Preserve used to be the grounds of a rubber plant and you can still see some of the foundation of the factory. I love when nature grows up and consumes man made structures.

There were lots of picnic tables, a waterfall and even another little lending library. There was a man made waterfall that looks like it was previously part of the rubber plant.

There are hiking paths on either side of the lake. The meandering trail was so serene. The birds were singing because it was the first warm day of the week. I would love to come back here to kayak or try the other trail.

It was such a great afternoon and even Baby Yoda had fun! Don't forget to see if you can find him, he's really hiding this week.

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