Week 4-Mystic, CT

I have wanted to go to Mystic Connecticut since the 80's when I saw Mystic Pizza. (it's a movie for you young folks) I didn't have some preconceived notion that it was some amazing place but It just piqued my interest.

It was one of the first 65-degree days here in the North East. Mystic is a 90 minute drive from where I live so that was an obstacle to overcome right off the bat. I have barely left the house this year let alone go on a day trip!

I rolled off the couch and drove to the seaport first. I looked up the "Best Lobster Roll" in town and found the Mariner. This was the first time I have been in a restaurant since September. The waitress brought me my yummy food and said, "Enjoy!" as she turned to leave and I said, "Have a nice day!" I recoiled from my own inability to say the right response, knowing I would have to see her again before I left.

Wow-solitude makes it difficult to excel at small talk. LMAO

I took a leisurely walk around the town and some early Christmas shopping (support local). There were some great signs for photo ops. I took some time to sit by the shore and breath the warm salty air. It felt like it was cleaning the cobwebs from my winter lungs.

I then got on my phone and bought a ticket to the Aquarium. I wanted to go to the Maritime Museum but it was closed. My visit was bittersweet. There was part of me that understood that having an aquarium is educational and they help to rescue sea life and re-introduce them to the wild if they can. But then part of me kept seeing Nemo in my head and feeling like we shouldn't hold them captive. Man that's a difficult fight to settle in my mind. My favorite part was actually the jelly fish area. They are gorgeous!

Lastly, there was a Dinosaur exhibit at the Aquarium so I had to walk around and get some pics with the Dinos to send to my 3 year old nephew as he says, "Ooooh I love those!"

I got back home about 6 hours later and literally had to lay down and take a nap from being around so many people! Wow this was a good learning experience.

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