Week 6-Daniel Webster Audubon Bird Sanctuary and Daniel Webster Estate, Marshfield, MA

This week was an interesting one. I grew up only 2 miles from this Estate and yet I have never visited it as an adult. I went to a elementary school names after him and yet I don't feel like I ever learned anything about him during my school years. Weird. So I looked him up.

He was a lawyer, congressman and Secretary of State in the 1800's and was very influential in early American politics. I went to is house and saw his small law office in the back that was about the size of a shed. Funny to think that nowadays, as lawyer with his status would probably have a penthouse office in Boston. My mom volunteered for the Webster House and was on their board and she loved history and architecture. I'm sad I never got to attend a tea with her there.

I also went onto the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. It used to be part of Daniel Webster's 150 acre estate. It's a great 2 mile easy loop hike. It has nice wide trails (to avoid ticks) and decking for the swampy parts of the hike. I saw so many birds, turkey, geese, hawks, cardinals, finches, black birds, robins, great blue heron etc and a bunny and a close encounter with a deer.

It also has some great water features-as you know I LOVE. And they even have a few blinds you can enter to watch the birds if you have the time to sit quietly. I would definitely recommend this place!

Don't forget to find baby Yoda!!

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