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Mold illness is no joke.  It affects millions of people world wide.  Here are some of the main issues with getting much needed help by a Mold Literate Practitioner:

  • Most people who are suffering don't even realize mold is an issue or that they have been exposed

  • Mold hides in walls, vents and in dark places that we never see

  • Everyone in the home will react differently. This can lead to family members and health care practitioners downplaying your mold symptoms. They may even say that it can't be environmental because no one else in the home is symptomatic. Specific symptoms will differ from person to person depending on these factors:

    • Your genetics​

    • Your current toxic burden

    • Your overall metabolic health

    • Lingering stealth infections like EBV, Lyme etc

    • Heavy metal burden

    • Your body's ability to eliminate (daily bowel movements etc)

    • Your ability to manage stress

Dealing with Mold


  • It's important to realize that the mold needs to be remediated before you can fully heal.

  • If the mold is at work you need to speak to your supervisor and consider updating your resume.

  • If you are renting and the landlords won't take care of it, then you need to leave.

  • If you own your home then you need to find a good inspector and remediation company. 

  • If you can't move before remediation then you can use these products to help manage the area while waiting.  These things DO NOT REPLACE proper remediation.

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