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"Life is not merely being alive, but being well." - Martial, Epigrams

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Road To Health Naturally

Dr. Sparks has created a comprehensive plan to help people get their health back.  Scroll through the slides below to see how your fatigue and chronic illness can be addressed.

You may not have issues in all areas, but if you are feeling tired more days than not, you most likely have issues in more than one area.

Your comprehensive plan begins with a 4 session strategy.

  • Session 1: Dr. Sparks will spend 90 minutes to get to know you and to understand which areas need to                 be addressed first.  She will also order initial testing.

  • Session 2: You will receive your initial test results and take your first step on the Road to Health.

  • Session 3: Dr. Sparks will educate you on basic health guidelines, including optimal nutrition.

  • Session 4: Dr. Sparks will outline your individual comprehensive plan, what further testing needs to be                   done, and where the journey will take you on your Road to Health Naturally.

1. Lifestyle/Sleep

Lifestyle factors can greatly contribute to fatigue.  

Dr. Sparks will take the time to listen to you and work with you to make changes that will set you on the Road to Health and get your energy back.

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