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Decoding Deodorant

I recently had someone ask me about natural deodorants and I realized this is something that everyone can benefit from knowing.  You may have heard rumblings about your deodorant not being good for you but may not know why. The problem is mainly anti-perspirant.  It contains aluminum, which has been shown to be higher in people with Alzheimer's Disease.  It also blocks the body's ability to sweat and release toxins. Nobody want's a toxic backlog near their vital organs or breast tissue.

The switch from anti-perspirant to deodorant can be quite the epic adventure but worth it. It took me a while to figure what was right for me.  I started the switch while living in sweltering Phoenix.  Bad idea, at least if you want to keep friends.

  1. You will want to try to detox your pits.  The anti-perspirant blocks sweat glands for years.  It can smell much worse for the first month if you don't detox your pits.  Here's a great link

  2. You will want to dry skin brush daily. Dry skin brushing is good for moving lymph. This will help move old gross stuff out of the arms and back into circulation and out through urination. I just leave my brush near where I change into my PJ's. Check out the The "Dry Skin Brushing" blog post to learn how.

  3. Finding the right deodorant is a journey.  I personally don't like my pits to smell like anything.  I don't want to raise my hands and smell a lavender field.  So I typically use unscented.  It works great unless I am working out a bunch then I just need to reapply. (note this was not the case when I first changed.  Sometimes I would wash them with cool soap and water midday and then re-apply.) 

  4. I would shy away from strongly scented ones as they will have essential oils that could be difficult on sensitive skin. Try to stay away from "Natural" ones that have propylene glycol. 

  5. The two you see above are some of my favorites. You can find them at most natural health stores like Whole Foods.

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