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How to Wash Non-Organic Veggies

I am so excited to have my own garden again this year and that means a ton of organic, macrobiotic vegetables. But not everyone has a green thumb, space or time to grow their own.

If you can't buy your veggies at the local farmer's Market, or my cousins shop Maker to Main, in Worcester Ma, then you need to know what your'e putting in your mouth when it comes to pesticides.

The Environmental Working Group,, releases their Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 every year on the spring. They test the fruits and vegetables available in stores in the USA. Basically, if you can't afford to buy everything organically, you can buy the Clean 15 conventionally and not worry.

But if you have to buy others conventionally then you are going to want to make your DIY Suit and Veggies Wash.

DIY Fruit and Veggie Wash

  • In your sink or large bowl, make a solution of 1 part white vinegar & 3 parts room temperature  filtered water. I love the Berkey water filtration! Research has shown that 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar solution is most effective, removing 98% of contaminants.

  • Place your room temperature fruits and vegetables into the wash. By keeping the solution and vegetables near the same temperature, you reduce the risk of shock to certain soft-skinned fruits and vegetables.

  • Allow fruits and vegetables to soak for ten minutes.

  • Air dry on a towel or washed counter space. ( I like to use baking racks to air dry delicate fruits like peaches and plums.

  • You can give them an extra rinse before eating, be sure to use filtered water.

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