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The Law of the Normal

I find it’s important to remember this when work with patients because it’s any easy reflex to just give a bunch of supplements.

I will have new patients come to me on 10 different self prescribed supplements or 15 from a Functional MD, Chiropractor or other Naturopathic Doctor.

The first thing I ask them is this, “If you’re feeling great on all of these, why are you coming to me?”

They then begin to realize that just because they read something on a blog doesn’t mean it’s right for them.

I do an extensive intake to figure out what may be lacking and what may be in excess. If need be I do nutritional testing.

For example if you are really fatigued and you read to take some amazing sublingual liposomal vitamin B12 to help boost energy, but you have enough Vitamin B12 already, then no amount of B12 is going to make you feel better.

I had one patient who was told by a neurologist to take a lot of Magnesium to help her migraines. Yes magnesium deficiency is common in people with migraines so it is a good supplement to recommend. But it is not the only reason someone may have a migraine. I ran her bloodwork and her red blood cell magnesium was really high, showing that she was actually taking too much magnesium. She was still getting migraines a few times per week on this dose. So this shows that adding magnesium to a normal amount of magnesium couldn't help the migraines.

That is why I treat the individual and do functional lab testing.

My mentor used to say you don't have a headache because you're deficient in Tylenol. But this was the case for magnesium too. Just because something is natural doesn't mean that it the right thing for you.

It's best to have a Vitalistic ND on board who can help you uncover your root causes of illness and your obstacles to cure.

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