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Tick-Sulfur Sock

When I lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I learned a lot about local folk remedies and natural health tips that had been handed down for generations. One of my favorites the Sulfur Sock. Farmers have used it for over 100 years to keep away mites, ticks and other bugs. I personally don't love spraying Deet all over me so I am always looking for other bug repellants.

There are plenty of trails behind my place that I love to walk frequently so I have my outfit ready to go. I have long pants with socks pulled over the cuffs. My old walking shoes and a sock filled with powdered sulfur. I just bang the sock on my shoes and legs and I am ready to go.

  • Basically you buy powdered sulfur.  I got mine on Amazon.  

  • Then you pour it into an old sock and just knot the open end.

  • Then you bang the sock on your shoes and legs before going out for a hike.  

  • This powder can get every where so bang it outside and where old shoes of you care about yellow dust.

Let me know if  it works for you.

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