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What is Qi and Acupuncture?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Murky stagnant water

Free flowing and healthy water

These are 2 pictures of the same stream behind my father’s house. I’m standing on a bridge that has a small dam under it to back up water to flood the cranberry bogs upstream so they can harvest the cranberries.

When I looked at the murky water behind the dam and the clear flowing water on the other side, it reminded me of acupuncture.

I explain to patients, that in Chinese Medicine, STAGNATION = ILLNESS & PAIN. I use the stream metaphor to explain how stagnant water is murky and free flowing water is clear and healthy.

This is the same as Qi. When you get acupuncture we are helping your Qi to move freely in your body. The needle is inserted into a spot along a meridian (energy stream) that is blocked. This allows the energy to move to help your body heal itself and prevent illness.

People ask me all the time, "Does it hurt?" The answer is maybe. Most times people won't feel the insertion or a small pin prick (less than a blood draw.) But they feel the most is the energy that is moving. It can feel like tingling, burning, vibrating aching or any other sensation. It usually feels more intense the more the point is blocked and need to be released.

Imagine a muddy pool trying to get through t small hole in a dam. It's very similar.

So in summary acupuncture can help with pain but it can help with a host of other issues as well like digestive issues, insomnia, autoimmune issues, anxiety and depression.

There is something to be said for movement. Even studies show that small amounts of exercise, like walking, can improve mood and help with depression.

It's time to get an energy tune up!

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