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Wild Caught Salmon

Salmon is a great food to get your dose of Omega 3's for the week. It is shown to be great for heart health and to reduce inflammation. A plant based diet dose this as well but you have to be very careful to supplement with Omega 3's.

These oils are an Essential Fatty Acid. This means that the body doesn't make them. So they need to be in our diet. Many people don't eat about Omega 3 fats and instead eat more pro-inflammatory oils like canola, corn and vegetable oils. Most restaurant food will have lots of these oils.

So it is important to balance this with good fats like salmon, avocado, walnut and flax.

You can get lox or grill up a salmon fillet. You can supplement with fish oil. If you do I recommend Nordic Naturals as they have a good amount of Omega 3's without the oils you don't need. They are also less toxic due to the processing or mercury and other natural toxicants.

But don't forget that salmon has zinc, Vitamins A & D and selenium. these are all important nutrients in the forming of a strong immune system.

It’s important to eat wild caught salmon. Atlantic or Norwegian farm raised salmon is fed pellets. Their flesh is dyed orange to make it look like wild caught salmon because they don’t get enough beta carotene from natural sources. Other names for wild caught would be King, Coho or Sockeye.

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